Team Leader & Artistic Stylist

Jackie grew up in the Finger Lakes, loving the beautiful scenery of every season. Growing up she was always very creative. Starting at a young age, Jackie’s Mom said she never got a chance to do her hair because she was always playing with it herself and doing her own make up. She also enjoyed teaching herself different techniques while playing with her friends and cousin’s hair quite frequently. 

Jackie comes from a family of business owners so after high school she decided to get her business degree at Finger Lakes Community College. After graduating, Jackie decided to take the steps to pursue the career she had thought about her entire life.

She moved to Rochester and started at Shear Ego International School of Hair Design. There hasn’t been one day that she regretted making that choice. She’s always liked cutting hair but fell in love with color after her first highlight on a mannequin. Jackie knew if she loved making a mannequin that pretty, then making a person look and feel that pretty would be that much better of a feeling. 

Jackie has always been a people pleaser and says there’s no better feeling than the smile a client has on their face walking out of the salon after giving them exactly what they asked for, and more! Jackie is very excited to be at Hue Salons with a nice, outgoing, and friendly staff in a comfortable atmosphere. Jackie is eager to keep learning and keep her clients smiling. 

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