A HUE Salons vision is to be “Inclusive.”

HUE Salons was designed from the beginning to be customized to each individuals needs.  We believe that everyone deserves to look beautiful while being in a comfortable and accepting atmosphere.

To achieve our goal the salon's design allows for customization to achieve the needed comfort and confidence for each individual.  Here is what sets us apart from other salons:

  • Styling stations have chairs that are removable to accommodate wheel chairs.  The mirrors in the stations are lower to allow people in a wheel chair see their new style.

  • thewashhouse shampoo chairs are removable to accommodate wheel chairs.

  • Sound system is split into two zones.  Music can be adjusted to accommodate sensory requirements.

  • Lighting system can be dimmed within different areas to support sensory requirements.

  • Our Artist have been trained to adapt their styling process for all individuals.

At HUE Salons we have firsthand knowledge about how important it is to be inclusive.  Each of us has a loved one that has required us to adapt. 

Rob and Dana Bisnett

Our daughter Giana has had incredible experiences having her hair cut and enjoyed a " little spa day" at HUE Salons. Getting dolled up while remaining in her wheelchair was seamless and comfortable for her. The artists at HUE Salons are wonderful, welcoming, and make you feel right at home from the moment you walk in the door.

Kirstyn Smith

As I have lost my vision, it has become  increasingly important for me to be able to trust my hair stylist. I need someone who will truly listen to what I want and provide honest feedback about whether it will work for me. At Hue Salons, that is exactly what I experience. A girl can dream about looking like Adele, but she can’t always pull it off… At Hue, I can find the perfect balance between what I dream of and what works for who I am. The professionals at Hue are educated to provide compassionate, confidence-boosting service that suits the special needs of each of their clients. If they don’t already know how to accommodate a special need, they will bend over backwards to learn!

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